Carbon Copy PRO Review – A Marketing System and Education Platform Explained

Carbon Copy PRO Review

Many entrepreneurs in network marketing, affiliate marketing, internet marketing and small business have heard of Carbon Copy PRO. Many have joined and are building businesses with Carbon Copy PRO. Of those who haven’t, many are looking for an objective review and insight into the Carbon Copy PRO system and it’s community; you may be too.

Before I continue, I want to point out something important for you to understand while you are researching Carbon Copy PRO. That is, most reviews are written either by members praising Carbon Copy PRO or competitors offering an alternative business model. So you will usually find a hint of bias one way or the other in the articles you read, depending on the motivation of the writer.

But don’t despair, the simplest action you can take is to attend a free training & marketing call. This way you can hear first hand what the company is all about without obligation. For now, this article should enlighten you.

For the sake of transparency I want to let you know that I am a member of Carbon Copy PRO and I have been for over one year now. I’m not going to give you crazy income claims. However I will tell you that since joining this community around 12 months ago, I have been implementing what I learn through Carbon Copy PRO and now both I and my partner are full time internet entrepreneurs from home. We have four children so working from home gives us the perfect work/life balance.

However, understanding what it was like to be on the outside looking in and wondering, I will do my best to explain Carbon Copy Pro as objectively and factually as possible.

What Is Carbon Copy PRO?

In 2004 entrepreneurs Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson launched Carbon copy PRO, an education platform, income opportunity and complete marketing system. The aim was to enable entrepreneurs to learn and implement cutting edge marketing techniques online to help grow their business.

Having already succeeded in the home business sector themselves, Jay and Aaron wanted to share what they knew by creating a duplicatable and 90% automated system. A system able to be learned and implemented by anyone with the drive to commit to themselves and their own success.

This saw the launch of the BIB: Business In A Box, in 2008, a tool kit to fast track the results of potential-entrepreneurs building their network marketing business from home.

The BIB provides members with the keys to begin their online marketing experience:

First month PRO membership Professional Marketing Manual and step-by-step Marketing Guide.
Learning the basics of marketing online.
Exhaustive glossary of terms and FAQ’s.
Creating your own personal plan of action. How to set up and run your system.
Integrating your business and product line.
Maximizing your income potential.
Professional Mindset Manual to assist in re-wiring the programming that keeps most people stuck financially.

Since then, PRO have released more support products including their memberships, regular training calls, webinars with guest speakers, PRO university (offering members educational modules in sales, marketing and mindset) and master marketing events.

The ‘back end’ of the PRO community provides members with the cutting-edge marketing tools, knowledge and resources to build a successful business both online or offline.

Carbon Copy Pro has grown into a community of members spanning over 198 countries and speaking 40 languages. Members bring their unique businesses and experience to the community. The PRO community provides an environment in which people can collectively learn from each other, grow as individuals as well as in their business, and share their unique areas of expertise in an interactive manner.

If you want to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by Internet marketing, social networking, and the communications revolution in general, Carbon Copy PRO, and it’s community may suit you and your objectives.

Network marketers, internet marketers, small business owners, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, financial advisors and many others from all walks of life have used the comprehensive ‘system’ provided by PRO to grow their business. Many members have been able to quit their jobs and become full-time entrepreneurs, myself included.

Does the Carbon Copy Pro system work?

Carbon Copy PRO is not for everyone and not every one succeeds with Carbon Copy PRO. Generally when people fail with Carbon Copy PRO it is because they have simply failed to implement what they are taught. But the ‘system’ does work, should you choose to implement it.

The most striking example of this is what happened when Carbon Copy PRO partnered with Wealth Masters International, a top tier, direct sales, wealth creation and financial education community. In 60 days, Wealth Masters sales increased over 400%. This unprecedented success catapulted Carbon Copy PRO into the direct sales stratosphere.

Since then Carbon Copy PRO has expanded it’s resources to better accommodate a cross section of industries both online and offline. Most importantly, it gave ordinary individuals access to a level playing field via tools and information previously reserved for large marketing firms and corporations.

How much prior experience is necessary?

Regardless of your prior experience, PRO provides every member the required training, tools and resources for success in a business that is fulfilling to you.

Whether you are experienced in either marketing or computing, or even if you are completely new, Carbon Copy PRO meets you at your level.

What is required for your success is that you have a can do attitude, and you are willing to learn, engage and apply what you’ve learned through committed action.

What if I don’t have an existing business or product to sell using the Carbon Copy PRO system?

The PRO system is itself a salable commodity. When you refer others to the PRO system and they join you as business partners, you earn a commission.

Furthermore, although PRO is set up to teach you how to sell anything to anyone, anywhere; PRO have also created business partnerships providing products and services aligned with the PRO ethos. As a member you have the opportunity to operate as an independent consultant or affiliate marketer of any of these products using the PRO system and direct sales. Again you earn a commission when someone buys these product based on your recommendations.

PRO have also aligned with other top tier income opportunity companies, such as Wealth Masters International. As a top tier company your entry cost for partnering with WMI is greater than that of PRO, however your potential commissions on sales are also much greater.

Can I use Carbon Copy PRO to build my existing business?

Absolutely, in fact the marketing strategies learned and the business mindset you can develop as a PRO community member can be applied to any business endeavour you undertake.

Is Carbon Copy PRO for you?

Only you can know this. Carbon Copy PRO is not for everyone. PRO offers you the tools and systems to develop yourself as an entrepreneur and generate a handsome income within six months if you are willing to take the necessary action. Conversely, I can also guarantee you that if you become a member of Carbon Copy PRO expecting great financial reward but take no action, you will only be out of pocket and greatly disappointed. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, this is not it.

Those who succeed with PRO are usually pro-active, glass half-full types willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work in order to fulfill their long term visions and goals. PRO is simply the vehicle they chose to assist them getting there.

If you’re not in a hurry to create financial freedom then PRO may not be for you. If you are looking for an easy ride and little effort, then you should probably look elsewhere.

Importance of Education

Education and knowledge enables individual to put his potential to best use. Education is commonly referred to as the process of learning and obtaining knowledge at school, in a form of formal education. Education is the tool which grants us the required propel in moving ahead and doing something productive in our upcoming future. It is an important aspect that facilitate in fetching about different modification to ourselves as a human beings, as an active member of society and also a responsible citizen of a country. We can conclude that education makes a man ideal and qualified.

But from where does a man get educated. The basic education initiate when child start going to school. However, the procedure of edification does not only start when a child first attends school. Education actually begins at home. A person does not gain understanding only from a teacher; he can get it from parent, family members and even by self grasping. Basically the first school of a child is his/her home and first teacher is his/her mother. It is a holistic process and persists throughout the life.

Even the usual happenings and proceedings about us teach us, in a way or other. It would not be an embellishment to say that the survival of human beings is wasted without knowledge and education. A knowledgeable person has the aptitude to transform the world, as he/she is overflowing with self-confidence and is certain of making the precise moves.

Societies of today have made the process of education and school going a must to do thing, which is really a very welcome step in the promotion of education.

Without knowledge, the training of the human minds is incomplete. Education becomes constructive only when people use his mental moral and physical power in a constructive way, if one wants to achieve success. It’s the education which renovate a being to survive a healthier life and more prominently in a publicly vicinity.

We can conclude that Education does make a remarkable effect on one’s personality. Apart from it, it does a lot more thing…

• Craft superior citizens
• Guarantee a fruitful Future
• Opens new outlook
• Spreads Awareness
• Assist in Decision-Making
• Reinforce Confidence

SEO Marketing – How to Approach and Educate Offline Clients on the Importance of SEO

Too often Internet Marketers and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts missed out on offline businesses to promote their services. Think about the offline businesses that you can target- dentists, chiropractors, physical therapists, plumbers, florists, dog trainers etc. The list is virtually endless because these businesses often have no clue about the Internet and the importance of ranking high in Google.

Offline businesses are not only some of the easiest businesses to approach but also one of the most profitable if you know how to approach them and educate them on SEO. Moreover they will appreciate the fact that you have taken the time and interest to provide them with information that will be helpful for their business.

Offline businesses usually have an unprofessional website that was probably designed by some college kid without any clue about SEO or keyword research. As an expert, it is your job to explain the importance of SEO and how by making simple changes you can help their businesses.

So when you do your presentation, instead of talking about you and your products and services, talk about them and how you can help them get more business, more leads and more traffic.Once you have got their interest, prove your point by having case studies or how you have used your expertise to help other businesses. By demonstrating the results, you are more likely to gain their trust and eventually their business.

Offer them a number of packages so that they can choose the one that would most fit their business needs. In fact, if you gain their trust enough, they will let you recommend the best package for their business. You can have a basic package with a basic website redesign and an opt-in form.You can have a silver package with a video on site and more content pages.A gold package may be a comprehensive evaluation of the site including keyword research; SEO analysis and link building.

It is very important to gain and keep the reputation of a trusted advisor. A lot of courses recommend “milking the cows” and that is the worst way of doing your business. You will not only lose your credibility very quickly but also get a bad reputation as well.

Treat your client with care and understand that unless they are not profitable, they will not be able to continue doing business with you. On the flip side if you help them achieve the results you promise you not only have a chance to do more SEO marketing but also get great references from them.

Renaissance Science and Education’s Cult of Fear

Maria Montessori, the molecular biologist Sir C P Snow and the engineer Buckminster Fuller, warned that modern science must be reunited with the Classical Greek life science Humanities in order to prevent the destruction of civilization. They stressed that the obstacle preventing this was an inadequate understanding of the second law of thermodynamics. Fuller balanced that law with his synergetic biological energy derived from the Classical Greek world view. Fullerene fractal logic has now been used to establish a new life science in defiance of the present fixed world view. Fuller considered that the catalyst for avoiding oblivion would be via the Arts. It can be argued that the Western educational system is actually preventing the new balanced understanding of the second law, which Montessori referred to as the greed energy law, by employing a culture of fear, in particular concerning the second law of thermodynamics.

Firstly, the existence of a more general culture of fear within the Australian educational system is now a common knowledge concept. Leading up to the June, 2010, removal of the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, allegations of organized greed within the educational system concerning billions of dollars allocated for the construction of school buildings were continually reported by the national newspaper, The Australian. On June 30th a front page story reported that a 14 million dollar task force established to investigate the issue was unlikely to hear complaints about the schools stimulus program from 110 NSW principals. The investigation team could not offer those principals “anonymity” and they were consequently silenced by a “culture of fear”, emanating from the NSW Education department.

Secondly, a far more serious aspect of coercion within the Australian educational system was alluded to within a Higher Education article published by The Australian on March 8th 2006, entitled ‘Muzzling of Science’, written by Professor Julian Cribb, Editor of the R&D REVIEW at the University of Technology in Sydney. Professor Cribb wrote “Publish or perish used to be the mantra by which the researcher lived or died. Today, according to an increasing number of eminent scientists in unpopular fields, Australian researchers can do both”. He defined ‘unpopular’ as “any of those fields of science liable to produce evidence unsettling to the fixed world-view held by governments, business, special interest lobbies or that most anonymous and unaccountable of research controllers, the stakeholders”. Professor Cribb explained how reprisals were being enforced, noting that once enacted, it is hard in science to find another job that isn’t in a taxi.

The second complaint about a culture of fear within the Australian educational system is directly relevant to the second law of thermodynamics because that law entirely governs the fixed world view controlling university education in Australia. In 1996 the Australian government was taken to task in an Open Letter to the United Nations Secretariat for committing crimes against humanity because of that fact. A several year peer review investigation by the United Nations University Millennium Project, Australasian Node, resulted in a official endorsement of that complaint on September 5th, 2006.

The expenditure of 14 million dollars in Australia to investigate general greed allegations within the educational system is a paltry figure compared to the tens of millions of pounds sterling spent in England attempting to discover new technologies from Sir Isaac Newton’s unpublished more profound physics principles to balance the mechanical description of the universe. Newton’s balanced world view was in defiance of the present fixed world view. Classification of the balancing physics principles as a criminal heresy by some people can be considered as part of the fear culture that will not tolerate challenges to the present fixed world view, which is governed by what Montessori called the greed energy law.

The growing unsettling evidence supporting numerous challenges to the fixed world view’s understanding of the second law of thermodynamics can be considered to represent an attempt to bridge Sir C P Snow’s widening culture gap between modern entropic science and the negentropic life science of the Classical Greek Humanities. From the evidence presented within this article we might well consider Buckminster Fuller’s consideration justifiable, that it will be up to the artistic creative thinkers of the world to prevent
the unbalanced second law bringing about the destruction of civilization.